Open up the top of the table and there's a lot of room for you to store patio cushions or whatever else you'd like to store outside. Her husband Brett provides her with a lot of inspiration and behind-the-scenes content. Each crate gives you a place to tuck something away. Before putting it away for winter, make sure to disconnect it from the water valve or tap, and drain all the excess water out of the hose. Go now! Scroll on to see 15 ideas for every corner of your backyard. They are very convenient! Remove the nozzle and store it where youll find it next spring. I dont really like just hanging my garden hose. There are drainage holes in the base too. This garden hose storage and planter in one is a very easy project that you can accomplish in a day. They will complete your exterior style and make it look well put together. . Gardeners looking to add old-time charm to their homes exterior should consider Liberty Gardens oral-inspired, wall-mount hose reel. This Yard Butler reel is designed for smaller to medium-sized garden hoses and is perfect for watering summer produce gardens or keeping up with flower beds. But for something used so often, it also gets in the way and can create a patio eyesore or worse a trip hazard. This elegant garden hose storage piece looks pricey, but you can build one yourself for very little money! Holds hoses up to 150 feet long. Thanks for visiting my blog! PVC pipe is really cheap at home improvement stores and it has so much repurpose potential. Using a wheeled cart for your hose is a 2-in-1 solution, giving you both a place for storage and an easily portable watering vehicle. It is strong and big enough to hold your entire garden hose. Old tire rims are another great idea for a DIY hose storage. Plus, the top of the box can be used as a patio side table or base for a flower pot. In the winter, you should store your garden hose in the garage or a shed. This DIY garden hose hanger is as gorgeous as it is easy to make. You can keep your garden hose neatly wrapped up and organized with Suncasts hose reel hideaway, which is made of sturdy, attractive resin. The frog also has an anchoring system that stops it from dragging when the hose is in use. Paint it or stencil it or stain it and stencil it in a garden motif! At 12 pounds, its super sturdy and is not easily overturned when its windy outside. Keep garden tools where you can see them. If you have a rather long piece of pipe on hand, this one is a free DIY project. All you need to do is wipe down your bronze pot to give it some shine. As a DIY option, you can use PVC pipes and make a holder by yourself. In addition, this reel has a powdered coating to keep it protected from the rain. Make this garden hose storage idea and no one will ever know where the hose even is! Giraffe Tools sturdy polypropylene reel attaches to your homes exterior, and swivels 180 degrees on its mounting bracket. Design by D9: Garden Tool Storage Wall Image Credit: Design by D9 Check Instructions Here The garden tool storage wall plan takes a simple concept and adds an elegant flair. At the base is a hidden inlet port to allow for the hose to snake out and attach to the water supply when in use. Store router bits, drill bits, screwdrivers, awls, pencils, Allen wrenches and hole saws in a chunk of 1-1/2-in.-thick rigid foam insulation. Weve compiled 23 lovely options for all of your garden hose storage needs. Drill pilot holes into the marks. There's even a spot with a door for you to store gloves or small tools. Shop our favorite storage containers and canisters for the organized kitchen of your Pinterest board dreams. Stand the wooden post upright on the ground. Fill the dirt back into the hole and tamp it down. An old pallet some paint and just a few other hardware materials are all you need to create the perfect garden hose storage. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Not only does this save you big dollars, but lets you get what you want because you made it! Together, they work on creating beautiful outdoor spaces that serve as an extension of their home and inspire others to do the same. However, you can use most hose pots as planters. Spray paint it in a silver or gold color to make it look brand new. This is a pretty easy galvanized tub to make and it has such a great rustic appeal to it, dont you think? Your eyes arent playing tricks on you! An old pallet, some paint and just a few other hardware materials are all you need to create the perfect garden hose storage. Sneak in some extra storage to your patio end tables with this free project. If you are running low on storage space in your garage, avoid buying a reel cart. Similar to the hose pot listed earlier, this drum adds an interesting look to an otherwise boring hose. Get a great tool rack. Not only is this one perfect for keeping your hose neat, it doubles as storage for small garden tools! This industrial-grade, steel garden hose reel cart from Liberty Garden Products is up to the task. A galvanized tub helps store a garden hose away in the garage or shed to prevent it from rusting. Please refresh the page or try again in a moment. These are best if you want to be able to hide your hose entirely. As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Happy DIY-ing! The choices are endless when it comes to design. For daily use for a vegetable garden, a freestanding hanger can keep a hose close to garden beds for instant access. Hose Storage Pot This garden hose storage idea may take some time and effort to complete. If youre lucky enough to have a large backyard you probably have an even bigger hose to go with it. Full List Of Allen Roth Gazebo And Pergola Replacement Parts, Wonder Whats Allen and Roth patio furniture warranty And Who Makes It? It's really easy to unwind too. Use as is or drill a hole in the bottom to make storage even easier. Brackets like this can be found at most hardware and garden stores. This is a really simple wooden bench to make and it costs less than $200 if you have to buy all of the materials. A leader hose is included to bring water from the. Problem solved! What to Consider When Choosing Garden Hose Storage, The 6 Best Hose Reels for Simplifying Garden Chores, According to Testing, The 8 Best Soaker Hoses of 2023 for a Thriving Garden, 26 Deck Storage Ideas to Organize Your Outdoor Space, The 11 Best Garage Storage Systems to Maximize Your Space in 2023, 38 Organization Tips for Every Room in Your Home, We Tested 30 Garden HosesThese Are the 10 You Need for Your Yard, The 9 Best Leaf Blowers of 2023 for Cleaning Up Your Yard, Gutters, and Garden Beds, 17 Shed Organization Ideas to Keep Your Outdoor Supplies Neat and Tidy, Amazing Makeover Ideas for Your Garden Shed, 21 Ways to Use a Storage Bench for All Your Organization Needs, 8 Creative and Simple Space-Saving Bicycle Storage Ideas, The 15 Best Outdoor Storage Essentials for Your Backyard, 20 Smart Storage Ideas to Declutter Countertops Around Your House, 24 Laundry Room Storage Solutions to Freshen Up Your Space. We recommend our users to update the browser. Hang the bag from a sturdy hook on the side of your house (or inside the garage). Instead of a plain storage box, search for a garden-theme hose holder. Or repurpose any large pot, bucket, or planter. If your backyard lacks a pop of color, paint the rim pink, like the lady in the picture. To make things even easier, you can install a hose holder anywhere along your garden fence or wall. Try out these practical garden hose storage ideas and maximize your space with tidier tools. It helps you store many garden tools. Related: 8 DIY Pick-Me-Ups for a Plain Patio. Need to keep garden tools handy? You can use your garden hose alongside one of the best garden sprinklers to make your watering tasks easier than ever before. This lovely little woodenplanter also contains storage for your hose or other garden needs. Keep tools easily within reach. A garden hose can get damaged outdoors. How to Use a Fertilizer and Seed Spreader, Store Garden Hand Tools: Make a Handmade Toolbox, How to Build 4 Different Styles of Path Lights, How to Customize Garage Cabinets for More Storage, How to Repair Small Engines: Cleaning the Lawn Mower Carburetor, How to Increase Storage Space In Your Bathroom, How to Build a Mechanized Storage Lift In Your Garage, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer). The hose wheel is designed to hold 150 feet of hose, so even though it is just solid metal, it will work well in a large garden. Ever wondered what slippery floors and trash bags have in common? Looking for something unique that makes chores a little more entertaining? This treasure chest toy box is an easy solution to keep the clutter put away and out of sight. Cut the 8-foot wooden post in half so that you have two posts measuring 4-feet long each. Outdoor Coffee Table Storage Bench from Leap of Faith Crafting. For those that use a coiled hose, PVC pipe is a great storage option. Do It Right, Do It Yourself! Available on Amazon. A storage box doesnt move with you as you water the lawn, but it does blend in nicely with patio furniture. Place it on a shelf with a label so you can find it swiftly on the first warm spring day. This outdoor firewood rack is the perfect way to store any wood you might need for your wood stove, grill, or fire pit. Also, follow Nadya on. Want to store your lawn tools? Or repurpose any large pot, bucket, or planter. Pair this upcycled tire rim project up with your favorite ways to repurpose old tires! Available on Amazon This is a great use ofotherwise unused space. Fill the dirt back into the hole and tamp it down. Know where your lawn tools are. How romantic do these garden hose caddies look? It's really a two-tired bench that would look great outside or you could even use it inside to corral toys. Dont have enough storage space in your garage to put away all your expensive tools and yard equipment? Since then, she has worked hands-on and virtually with hundreds of clients to clear their clutter and create functional systems in their homes and offices. Before settling on a storage solution, consider the type of hose and the space you have. Doesnt this look pretty? (If youd rather the frog hide garden gear instead of a hose, Emsco Group also sells the product without the hose reel.) Be sure that the hose is completely dry and wrapped tidily, avoiding any kinks, before tucking it away. Mark the screw holes of the wall mount garden hose storage holder using a pencil, then set the hose holder aside. Want to keep track of your rakes? The step-by-step process makes this an easy weekend project. 'It can easily be moved around the garden and stored away neatly. If you don't have open studs in your shed (or garage), you can attach a piece of 2 x 4 vertically on the wall and use it like a stud. At the end of the day, a garden hose is a tool, and it may look best when paired with other tools. 'A hose cart can be open for full flexibility or closed for added protection from wear and tear,' says Sarah Dixon at Hozelock (opens in new tab). Take your pick from our favorite options. If you want to make it out of a specific material such as pallets or recycled wood, then you can do this too. Garden Hose Storage Garden Hose Holder Garden Hoses Water Garden Diy Garden Garden Decor Garden Ideas Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Home Gym 2023 Warner Bros. Has it seen better days? It keeps a garden hose close to the action but holds a coiled-up hose in place much like a wall-mounted hanger. See more ideas about hose reel, garden hose holder, hose storage. Best of all, tap stations like these serve more than one purpose. Hey! 2. Check Price on Amazon. White looks amazing! Make everyday yard tasks effortless by smartly storing your garden hose. The bracket attaches to the wall at four points, and there is a shelf above the reel that can be used for the storage of your gardening tools and gloves. You will need a wooden pallet that you can paint in any color you like. Top 15 Best Plant Humidifier Reviews 2023. You could get an old galvanized tub or a lobster pot to keep the hose in and then add a wooden round top to it. Heres how it works. #5224441 Six Forks RdRaleigh,NC27609, Nadya is a writer, entrepreneur, and designer based in Raleigh. . You can find. 'Investing in a wall-mounted hose box is a great solution for keeping your garden neat and tidy and keeping any unsightly tangles at bay,' say the experts at Gardena (opens in new tab). She writes in her blog, the one you are visiting right now, where she shares her love for landscaping, gardening, and outdoor design. LifeSmart marries the hose reel and pot together in this brass garden hideaway that's finished in a pleasing copper tone. Its 8" pneumatic tires can roll 300 feet of industrial strength garden hose over any terrain with ease. Then there are the smarter garden hose storage ideas, like an enclosed and motorized reel which rewinds your hose back into the container and eliminates the need to hand crank your hose in and out with every use. No matter how neatly you place it on the ground, it always ends up getting tangled and twisted. Like a standard wall mount, youll have to coil the hose yourself after each use. You can make a bigger or smaller organizer that is exactly what you need. Related: Make a Splash! The steel material of this hose wheel has also been coated with a water-resistant powder to help protect it from the elements. We're sorry, there seems to be an issue playing this video. The lovebirds are aluminum, with a stunning patina. Despite their appearance, we still love them because they make watering plants a whole lot easier, especially if they are the non-kink type. It has a keyhole mounting system that will give it more stability on the wall, and it is designed to be water resistant since it cannot be removed from its position. And so, we made a little 24 DIY garden hose storage! Before you start shopping for garden hose storage, make sure you have the right garden hose for your yard and patio as this will determine the type of storage you need. The simple garden hose is the real MVP of the backyard, from keeping plants watered to powering sprinklers and water toys for kids. Required fields are marked *. Privacy Policy. Whether you're looking to store a single pair of glasses, multiple frames or over a dozen shades, streamline your storage and protect your frames with one of these stylish organizers. Hose caddies are affordable and dont require professional installation. The shelves' high edges are a nice touch as they keep items from falling off. The bronze coating on the reel is designed to protect it from the weather. It is designed with a storage tray on the top that can be used to store your tools, and the reel hangs under this tray from a swivel that can rotate a full 360 degrees. All of that changed when Mary founded Sort and Sweet Inc on Long Island in 2017. Make sure to dig the hole relatively close to the water spigot on your house. Whether you'd prefer to keep your hose outdoors or inside a shed or garage, there are plenty of solutions that will keep things neat. Give it a new purpose and use it to store your garden hose! Dig a hole for your garden hose holder that's around 18 inches deep. Up-cycling is a great way to save money when working on your garden. Weve rounded up the best garden hose storage solutions to keep your garden hose away from backyard foot traffic and neatly organized for the next job. 10 Stunning Backyard Ponds to Enhance Any Landscape. Brace the post if necessary in order to keep it stationary as you work. Try to match your reel cart with the theme of your garden. Make this DIY. If you have a large garden or landscape to keep up with, a garden hose reel cart with wheels is absolutely worth the splurge. I wanted to share these 10 garden hose storage ideas with you to inspire you to do the same. Close the shutoff valves to all your outside faucets. Follow the detailed instructionsto make one for your own garden. She has over 18 years of journalistic experience, appearing as a DIY expert on the Dr. Oz Show and several radio shows. The pot is 13 inches high and 17 inches in diameter, which is more than enough room to accommodate a 100- or 150-foot garden hose. Since youll have to manually move your chosen container, stick to lighter hoses for this storage method. Outdoor Hose Holder With Built-in Planter, 36 Hidden Toy Storage Ideas to Keep Your Living Room Tidy, 25 Nursery Storage Ideas to Organize Clutter in Style, 15 Creative Ways to Store Your Garden Hose, 36 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas to Tidy Up Small Spaces, 18 Firewood Storage Ideas You'll Be Burning to Try, The Best Outdoor Storage That an Expert Gardener Recommends, 28 Unique DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Try, 8 Outdoor Kitchen Plans with Cost-Effective Accents, 17 Stylish Furniture Options for Living Room Storage, The 11 Best Outdoor Storage Sheds for 2023, 12 Clever Bike Storage Ideas to Keep Your Wheels Safe and Secure, Easy Plywood Storage Box With Geometric Inlay, Easy Plywood Storage Box with Geometric Inlay. A freestanding hanger is kind of the best of both worlds. You just have to paint the rim if you want to paint it and then screw it to a wooden post or even right there onto the side of your deck or house. Try this DIY. Great tutorial! Center and glue a 4-inch square piece of wood on top of a 5-inch square piece of wood. Before you use your car rim as a hose reel, wipe any grease stains off it. This simple bracket is easy to install and a good option for those looking for a more modern, clean look. These garden hose holders have got you covered, from minimal, wall-mounted racks to heavy-duty hose reels on wheels. This is a great reclaimed wood project, too if you happen to have a few wooden posts on hand. Made of aluminum with a weather-resistant, powder-coated finish, this reel holds 125 feet of 5/8 hose and comes with a leader hose to connect to your spigot. Wall-mounted racks are best for smaller garden hoses without extra nozzles. Building a utility rack requires minimal tools, supplies, and skills. You could even use the top of the dresser as a potting bench. All on a pegboard. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. They would look amazing next to your house, whether it has brick or wood siding. Isnt this bright and colorful? That's exactly why I had to present this garden hose storage idea to you. Try this DIY. But if youre short on wall space, a clear bin with a latched lid will work just fine. Brought it home and brushed it down well with a metal brush. Galvanized pails are useful in so many ways. Either made with metal, wood, or plastic, you would love the final looks of this DIY hose hanger. You'll need wooden slats and brackets to attach them to the wall. She has published hundreds of articles and co-authored a book. Do you have a green thumb? You can always install a wall-mounted rack inside the garage or the shed for winter storage. These are all basic woodworking projects that the beginner woodworker will have no trouble tackling. This is a really easy wooden planter box to build and you could have a few of them to decorate your outdoors, and just use one of them to hide away that garden hose. Home > Backyard > Backyard Decor > 10 Garden Hose Storage Ideas: #5 Is Our Favorite (And #6 Is For Car Lovers). Instead, give this wall organizer a try. You can keep your garden hose neatly wrapped up and organized with Suncast's hose reel hideaway, which is made of sturdy, attractive resin. With an inexpensive wood post, a can of spray paint and a couple of pieces of hardware, you can create a holder for your garden hose worthy of your front yard. Is your bronze pot collecting dust in the garage? This is a great DIY organizer. Have garden tools with long handles? To make . Luckily, this list of easy ways to store a garden hose can help you keep this outdoor essential tidy and within reach. In addition, the unit can be mounted either parallel to the wall or perpendicular. You may need pliers for this. Looking for more inexpensive outdoor projects? It will not only give you a place to prep while you're cooking, but it will also give you some additional storage for grill tools and cooking items. Reviewers praise the cushioned, easy-grip handle. Try something like this. Installing an old mailbox in your garden adds a charming touch and extra storage. Technically, you could use any large, all-weather planter as a hose pot, but the difference between a garden hose pot and a regular planter is a specific hole on the side at the bottom of the pot. Keep your tools easily organized. I had to start my list with a storage idea that works for all homes and all exterior designs. Try this DIY. You might even look into repurposing a small washer drum for this same purpose. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The holder installs easily by hanging over a wall-mount faucet head and accommodates a 50-foot hose. Know where your tools are. Dont know how to store it to make it look pretty? We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. ' Love Grows Wild ' created this DIY garden hose holder with a custom look from a wood post and some finials. You can find them in a whole range of earth-toned shades. Available at Frontgate Outdoor Toy Storage from Our House Now a Home. The Basic 44 Plan The first garden hose holder on our list is a basic design that is an inexpensive way to store your hose. This DIY project utilizes a cheap wooden pallet. Available on Amazon Have your patio furniture do double duty with this outdoor modular bench that has a ton of storage just under the benches. This is just one of the challenges I managed to solve in my garden. You can achieve even better mobility if you pick a four-wheel cart. Compression inlet x 3/4 in. A leader hose is included to bring water from the spigot to your hose; simply crank the handle to bring the hose back inside the box. This is a great idea if you are looking to add some farmhouse looking decor to your outdoors. A great DIY idea for hanging your pocket hose reel is to use old clothes. Dig a hole for your garden hose holder thats around 18 inches deep. How vintage. Wooden Hitching Post Four crates are arranged in an interesting configuration to form a coffee table in this project. Watching garden visitors for just one hour in the Big Garden Birdwatch 2023 could help provide vital data to protect birds from the effects of climate change, Grow Your Own You can buy a hose reel in any home improvement store or make it at home from an old car rim or a clam basket. This one is simple to make. Regardless of the reason, youre looking for some ideas. This pretty patina hose pot would make the perfect mum planter in the fall when you don't need a garden hose as much. The reel out storage for the garden hose is quite a popular idea amongst garden hose owners. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. If you continue to have issues, please contact us here. Time is another thing to consider. A garden hose is a necessity for any yard, and what better way to keep it than in this DIY hose holder built with pallet wood. Old tire rims are a great way to enjoy a good upcycling project. This beautiful outdoor coffee table pulls double-duty as a place where you can put your feet up or set your drink on. Consider installing under deck storage for all your outdoor storage needs, including the garden hose. ', This wall-mounted hose reel from Gardena (opens in new tab) keeps things waterproof. This may be the simplest way to store your garden hose. This garden hose station from GOFORWILD holds a 125-foot hose, so no matter where you stake it in your yard, youll still be within easy reach of your garden. Make this great tool caddy. Related: Outdoor Toy Box from Houseful of Handmade. Depending on the size of your backyard and/or tool shed, your storage options might change. This one his hidden under a table and a curtain is used to tuck everything away and out of sight. If you have a big property to take care of, you should try this storage idea. Retractable or pivoting wall mounts conceal the clutter of a coiled hose and make it convenient for reaching far corners of the yard without a lot of effort. Easy Plywood Storage Box with Geometric Inlay from Remodelaholic. 10 Stunning Backyard Ponds to Enhance Any Landscape, 7 Popular Ground Covers to Enhance Any Yard, Ultimate Lawn Care Guide: 12 Steps to a Prize-Winning Yard, The Best Lightweight Garden Hoses of 2022, In Search of the Ultimate Garden Hose Storage, 10 Climbing Plants That Are Easy to Keep Under Control, 11 Lies You Can't Tell When Selling Your Home, 19 Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades to Make in 2019, Beyond Recognition: 10 Rooms Totally Transformed. If you want to hide your garden hose away from sight, this DIY garden bench is the perfect way to do that. If you have an old galvanized washtub, even if its rusty, you can create a nice rustic looking storage area for your garden hose. A garden hose that lays on the lawn looks unattractive. You will not be able to wind the hose onto it, but you can easily wrap it around the butler. DIY a gardening shed for your tools. For a traditional look, go with a vintage-style copper hose pot such as this one, or for a sleek and modern appearance, choose a matte black version. If you need it to reach far corners, look for a hose box that holds a longer garden hose, then crank the handle as you would with a reel. A spot to keep hoses during the winter is also crucial so they stay in prime condition for the following season. What a pretty garden shed! From ThisOldHouse The DIY Garden Tool Storage Idea The ideal garden storage idea for your hose is something neat and tidy that keeps the hose out of sight until it's needed, and is then easily accessible for both unwinding and practical use. This medallion reel cart from Frontgate is jaw-droppingly gorgeous with a black wrought iron-inspired design. Easy DIY Garden Hose Hanger 5. Another garden hose storage idea is a wall-mounted hose wheel that includes a basket or shelf. While many styles are exposed, there are also enclosed hose reels that look like a box and keep garden hoses protected from the elements. Before you use your car rim as a hose reel, wipe any grease stains off it. If the hose is frozen, connect the two ends and bring it inside to thaw and drain it later. Screw a 2 x 4 sticking out from the wall on either side of a stud. 'When choosing a new hose there are a number of things to consider, like the tasks you will be using it for and the size of your garden, but one thing we often forget to think about is how the hose will be stored when its not being used,' says Sarah Dixon, Hozelock UK and International Marketing Manager. It's also perfect for gardeners with limited mobility or arthritis as this cart is easy to assemble and features cushioned handles and corners. It will help you make the most of your garage walls and declutter the floor. It's a huge storage space and you'll even be able to fit large storage containers. Organizing your tools not only keeps them where you can find them, but also makes sure you dont buy tools that you dont need. Take this garden hose holder for instance. By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine. The garden hose storage pot is an excellent idea if you want to hide your hose away and add more vibrancy to your garden. The frog conceals a hose reel and comes with an anchoring system to keep it in place. Rolling Outdoor Island with Storage from Pneumatic Addict. Want to save money? . It has a large steel star on the front, which will look great mounted against any wall in your garden. This method keeps the hose covered and barely noticeable when youre hosting an outdoor party. Read more in our Privacy Policy, P. O. Check our five plans below and pick the one that matches your skill level. Just put the tub under the outside spigot and then coil your hose up inside. Available on Amazon Hose Butlers - These are delicate reels that are quite practical in design and build. Put a hard stick in to the ground and place a PVC pipe on top of it. Even more offer storage for other outdoor items. Who knew you could store your garden hose in a planter with a little bit of skill and creativity? Well, the first 10 Garden Hose Storage Ideas: #5 Is Our Favorite (And #6 Is For Car Lovers). Some are purchasable online while others offer handy DIYs for a more personalized touch. 13. A small hole ensures you can easily unravel it.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'gardenloversclub_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',803,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-gardenloversclub_com-large-leaderboard-2-0'); This lovely hitching-post style holder is completely customizable and easy to make! are fireworks legal in fort bend county, what do poppy seedlings look like,
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